What Our Customers Are Saying

I just received the following from CVS corporate, passed along from their phone system tech onsite. They are very pleased with the vendor you chose for this job. Great work!

Granite sent Carson Telecom out to fix our problem and let me tell you that Patrick with Carson Telecom is one of the most knowledgeable Telecom techs I have seen in awhile.

Please pass this along to Granite that this debacle might have taken longer to repair had Patrick not been here to straighten out Verizon and APS.

We need more people like Patrick around, so we never have Telecom issues at any stores in the Dallas area.

Brad Armstrong CVS Caremark – Projects Group

I was at my wits end.

I was having DSL issues and I had AT&T come out and I spent hundreds of dollars trying to have them fix this for me. After several days and dollars spent, a friend recommended Carson Telecom to me.

Immediately I was greeted with great customer service over the phone and a prompt response.

The same day Patrick came out and within 30 minutes FLAT he fixed the issue that AT&T couldn’t.

His pricing was reasonable and his service is excellent. I highly recommend Carson Telecom to anyone that needs Telecom repairs.

Ricky M. – Metroplex Mobile Oil Change

I have been in the furniture industry for many years. I had recently bought a new building and the warehouse was a disaster. I have never seen so much cable in a 66 Block before, and the condition it was in was horrendous.

I got in touch with Mr. Carson through a friend and within 2 hours I was up and running and the 66 Block was in orderly fashion.

Mr. Carson did a excellent job! I will use him in the future, and I highly recommend him!

P. Aaron – Lone Star Emporium

I have been very pleased with the work that Carson Telecom performed on one of my job sites. There was a tragic accident that would have cost me thousands and Carson Telecom came in and went right to work. Patrick left the job site completed and in excellent condition!

Thanks For Everything

Glenda P. – Dun-Rite Construction
Carson Telecom