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Praetorian comes from the ancient guard of the Roman emperors. Their main focus was to protect the Roman emperor, however, as the legions grew, they were also tasked to protect the citizens of Rome, most importantly the merchants in the marketplace who were unable to protect themselves. We would like the honor of carrying on that tradition and protecting merchants around the country, as most don’t understand that there are many dishonest companies out there.  

A Veteran Owned and Operated Company

Praetorian Payments is a Veteran Owned and operated company, with multiple offices nationwide, servicing all 50 States in the U.S. and thousands of merchants. We are proud to have served you as Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, and we have brought those ideals and dedication to the payment processing industry. 

A North American payment processing leader

Praetorian Payments is a leading provider of technology-driven global payment processing solutions for small to large enterprises in the point-of-sale, B2B and e-commerce industries. Our proprietary solutions include card-not-present, integrated POS and mobile payments that offer businesses efficiency and profitability across all sales channels and platforms. With a focus on security and fueled by continuous investment in research, product development and innovation, we are shaping the future of payments. Our goal is to maximize our clients’ revenues and performance by empowering them with safer and smarter transactions.

In order to deliver the best payment acceptance strategies to our clients, we operate multiple divisions dedicated to specific industry segments. Staffed with knowledgeable and experienced professionals, we work closely with our merchants and partners to determine which of the many services available today are best suited to their business needs.

Equally important to us is our unwavering commitment to excellence and merchant satisfaction. We strive to make it easy for our customers to do business with us. 

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