Structure Cabling

At Carson Telecom, our goal with every structured cabling system installation is to build strong, yet balanced, cable plants. Balanced between budget and capacity. Between current needs and future demands.

Between dependability and…well, we never sacrifice dependability.

While we traditionally think of a structured cabling system as a supporting computers and telephones, today it provides the backbone for your audio system, video system, and security systems as well. As an expert at AV, security, telecommunications ,AND structured wiring we provide the perfect cabling solution.

Find out how you can build a firm foundation with our data wiring and structured cabling solutions at Carson Telecom. Once you have the right cable wiring in place, any communication, audio, video, or security upgrade is possible.

Structured Cabling Services

Backbone & Horizontal Cabling

Floor to floor through the riser rooms and horizontally from suite to suite, we install, repair, and remove.

Testing & Maintenance

From site surveys to audits, and site readiness (EUCR), we’ve done it all. We also maintain and repair to prevent interruptions in connectivity.

Equipment Installations (CPE)

Installation and testing of in-suite devices such as modems, routers, VoIP, etc.

Move In/Out (Cable Pulling)

Whether you are a property manager or a tenant, we help you with your move-in and move-outs. We remove leftover cabling and install and test new cabling.

Riser Management

Our riserSAFE® program keeps your riser rooms clutter free and organized, including detailed infrastructure documentation with 360° photos.

Key Components of Your Structured Cabling System

Outside Plant (OSP)

Outside Plant (OSP) telecommunications infrastructure is designed for installation on the exterior of buildings and is typically routed into the building through the entrance facility. This generally consists of the ariel or trenched cabling pathway from the property line to the building itself. This pathway cabling needs to be validated to the provider’s standards prior to the telecom service activation.

Inside Wiring (ISW)

Although the term Inside Wiring (ISW) is typically used to describe a demarc extension, there are other components such as horizontal cabling, patch panels, and CPE. You want a highly-skilled technician to install these critical pieces of cabling in your building for your network. Not only do you want the cabling installed correctly, you want the expert knowledge of circuits, CPE, and the LEC’s procedures on your side, to deliver your structured cabling projects quickly and efficiently.

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