At Carson Telecom, we cover all aspects of your communications and telecommunications support to assist in your growth and expansion, making your progress as smooth as possible.

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Project Management

Carson Telecom can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your project. From small businesses to nation-wide projects, we can make your project a complete success!

Procurement Services

From Infrastructure to Sourcing to Distribution to Invoice Management, Carson Telecom is equipped to handle all your Procurement needs. Our relationship with key manufacturers and distributors allows us to save your organization time and money.

Structured Cabling

Infrastructure is the foundation for your successful enterprise installation. Our structured cabling services are top-notch. Let us evaluate, design and implement your integrated telecommunications systems.


We can handle any of your telecommunication projects! From fiber optic line installation to re-installation of your business LAN to building your home network.


We work directly with top manufacturers to ensure your equipment and consumables are the most competitive in the industry. Call us to get your quote!

Equipment Upgrades

We have the equipment you need for your business at prices that kill the competition. Please contact us for a free quote!

ERP and Small Business Solutions

Starting your business can be an overwhelming process. Carson Telecom can help automate your business processes, keeping your operating costs down and keeping your business profitable. We have solutions to minimize ERP and CRM costs, implement High-Impact Marketing, and streamline Billing and Invoices that can make your small business easy to maintain. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Website Development and Hosting

Carson Telecom provides professional web development services geared to augment your business. Our web development services are geared to augment your business services and keep you competitive now and in the future. We provide incredibly affordable hosting that is easy on the budget. Our servers are co-located in locations across the US. We can help you and your company keep your web content up and running.

Domain Management & Email

We can service and customize an email system that will allow your company to really grow and communicate well into the future. We can also manage your distributed domains, make sure they stay running and forward compatible with changes to your organization.

SEO & Online Advertising

Taking the plunge into online advertising can be a nightmare. THC can make the experience take your project and turn it into an affordable and profitable online campaign.

Social Media Services

We consult bloggers and businesses on how to maximize their online presence, utilizing social media to its fullest potential using WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and an array of other tools.

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